Tonight Lauren and the boys destroyed a bench and fire pit that we built together as a family in 2005.

Our house has a beautiful view of the valley off the back patio, and soon after we bought the place we decided it would be fun to have a fire pit out there. Since we've never seemed to do anything in a conventional way, we built the pit out of tin cans, then stuccoed over them. The bench we made out of straw bales and stucco to match the house. It took us a couple of weekends of hard work. The boys were little then, 5 and 7. Since then we've used that bench and pit over and over again. The boys like to build up a fire and roast marshmallows. We've had a tradition of building a fire in celebration of the winter solstice. Seems like every birthday party has involved a fire in the pit in one way or another. We've also cooked meals out there--
chickens on a spit, dutch oven potatoes.

Over the years they started to crack, and we kept talking about repairing them but never did, and the cracks got worse and worse. Yesterday after the open house, our realtor told us that several people commented that they were in rough shape, and suggested that we take them out. So tonight Lauren and the boys bashed that pit and bench right out of existence. The boys are bigger now and with all 3 of them yielding weapons those suckers came down so fast it made my head spin.

Well, the symbolism is obvious.
I stood out on the pile of rubble and thought of all our years of hard work, good times, and traditions. I'm grateful for those years and I know there's more of those things in all of our futures.
But for tonight, I'm just feeling sad.


My Beautiful Nieces and Nephew

I have the most beautiful nieces and nephew in the world:

Morgan Shae

Katie Bug

Little Worthy

Lexa Rae

Love you guys!


My parents' yard

Here are a few random pics from my parents' yard:

And one of Riley just cause I think it's cute:

I love summertime in Blanding.


Testing, testing...

I'm changing my blog template, so this is a test. Here's a pic:


Dylan presented some of his writing at a culminating event for the summer writing program last night. He did such an amazing job and his writing blew me away.

Trudi Pierce, his teacher, mentor, and friend, puts this program together each summer for a group of about 8 students who love to write and think about their world. She is amazing.

This year's theme was seeds and soil, and on the last day they were asked to write a piece using the prompt, "the song of seeds and soil is" Here is what he wrote:

A New Life

The song of seeds and soil is the source of every dream. It is the food that we are thankful for, and the life we take for granted. It is why we laugh, and cry to ease the pain. It is why I sit here today to write what I am feeling, and what brings a smile to a mother's face while she helps her small child start a garden. And what makes her cry as her child grows and goes away to start a new life. But the child does not forget what he once had. As he sits in bed, old and alone, he remembers his five year old self, creating a garden. He pulls out a paper and pencil and begins his story: The song of seeds and soil is...


While Dylan was out of town with his summer writing program, Riley and I took a camping trip to Sand Island. We had a beautiful spot on the bank of the San Juan River:

We laughed a lot and had some good old mom and son bonding time:

Riley played in the mud, which always makes him happy:

I read, which always makes ME feel happy:

Love you, Riley! I had a great time!


Dylan Turns 12

My little boy turns 12 today. He had Ben and Erik over last night.
They made a fire in the pit and roasted hot dogs and marshmallows.

We gave him juggling torches. Eric gave him some leather gloves. I fear for my home.

They messed around in the sprinkler and had a great time.

Happy Birthday Dylan! I love you!